Nordstrom gift card
Bra - Size 34B
Panties& Garter - Size Small
Stockings - Size Small
Shoe - Size 7
Dress - Size Small


  1. Communication:
    I do my best to answer each inquiry (emails, personal messages) as quickly as I can. Expect a response either immediately or within three days.
  2.  Reliability:
    I will always do my best to be on time for our appt. I do not over book so our appointment time is OUR time and unless an emergency happens, you can count on me to be there and ready for your arrival!
  3.  An Unrushed Rendezvous:
    I will never rush our time together. You are free to relax and let me take care of you! If we run out of time I will kindly mention so.
  4.  Genuine Enthusiasm:
    You will be greeted by a smiling face who is genuienly happy to see you and spend intimate time with you.
  5.  Comfort & Safety:
    My location will be at a safe, clean, upscale location.
  6.  No Unpleasant Surprises:
    I will look exactly how I look on my pictures and videos. I update everything often so you know exactly what to expect.
  7.  Fashionable & Ready to Please:
     I will be dressed well. I love fashion and always dress up to date with the latest trends, or feel free to make a request! I will fulfill your request the best I can!
  8.  A Breath of Fresh Air:
    I will be showered, clean, and groomed well.
  9.  Prepare to Be Pampered:
    You will have a wonderful, pleasing time that is all about you, your wishes and desires.
  10.  Leaving Happy:
    You will leave our appoinment completely satisfied and with a big smile for the remainder of your day!